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TXT ME - Cyber Showcase and Online Protest

Have you spotted one of our TXT ME posters around Ayr?

Your text message will be collected, anonymously, and used in a theatre production aiming to change the conversation around safety on nights out and getting home.

Text us. 

Further information about the project below:

In association with the Gaiety Theatre, we are excited to announce TXT ME: Cyber Showcase and Online Protest, and related creative expression workshops in the Ayr Community.

In light of the Sarah Everard case bringing women’s safety to the forefront of mainstream media, we felt an urgent need to create a piece of work that reframes the hypervigilance and fear felt whilst walking home. Something we learned from our partnership with Glasgow and Clyde Rape Crisis is that violence against women usually happens at home, and usually by a person they know. Although cases like Sarah’s and countless others are statistically low, they happen often enough to keep half of our population afraid.

TXT ME will see us opening a text line prompting people around Ayr to tell us what they love about the night, and change the narrative. Rather than thinking of our greatest fears, we want people to think of the nights they could have, if only we were granted the freedom from these fears. We will then… you guessed it, make a show from the responses, which will be streamed online from the Gaiety Theatre as part of a larger programme of events featuring local Ayr Artists in July.

Keep a look out around Ayr for our posters.

We have also designed workshops focusing on Creative Expression, led by Siren co-founder and performance poet Imogen Stirling, which will be delivered throughout June to three local organisations in South Ayrshire.

We can’t wait to get started, to meet our workshop participants, and to transform your texts into a brand spanking new piece of theatre.

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