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Meet the Siren - Emma Lynne Harley

Hey Emma,

How are you today?

I am feeling productive.

So as we know you’re one of the founding members of Siren Theatre Company, did you always think you would end up working in theatre and the arts?

Not always - when I was young I wanted to be an archaeologist before I discovered Britney Spears and “showbiz”. My sixth year drama teacher in high school also hated me, and I came very close to choosing something else to study and go into entirely.

If you weren’t in the performing arts, in an alternative life, what route do you think you would have taken? Is there another job you would have loved to try out?

In an alternative life I’d love to run an animal sanctuary for ex-farm and rescue animals. Also, I always enjoyed being practical and building things and kind of fancied a job as a car mechanic or a builder or something. Making something is so satisfying.

Here at Siren, we think it’s important to celebrate and acknowledge our achievements. What has been your proudest professional moment; something you will never forget?

I wrote, directed and and produced my play Sex, Drugs and a Cup of Tea in 2018, a semi-autobigraphical show based on my experiences of abuse. I was also working full time as a stage manager on two shows at the same time, and producing another. I have never multitasked so much in my life, and would never do that much at once ever again - but if I do say so myself, it was a good show, and I’m incredibly proud of myself for still being alive after all that.

Okay, now we’re going to get down to the serious, nitty gritty questions - are you ready?

I was an explorer scout so I’m always prepared.

What’s your star sign?


What's your order when you visit a coffee shop?

Usually a juice or a hot chocolate cos I don’t drink tea or coffee

If you could take a flight to anywhere in the world, right now, where would you go and why?

Australia because I have cool friends there, have never been, and the clubs are open.

If you’re having a bad day, what’s the song you would listen to cheer up?

Yeti Magic from the Mighty Boosh, complete with music video.

If you had to eat one meal for the rest of your life, what would it be?

Curry every time.

If you were to describe yourself in three words only, what three words would you pick?

  • Resilient

  • Hard-working

  • Fabulous

If you could master one musical instrument overnight, which one would you like it to be?

ALL OF THEM. I was taught violin as a child but was never a very good student and everything since then has been self taught. I think piano/keyboard is really versatile so probably that. It would be nice to know more than Chopsticks, the song Hermione tries to teach Ron in Harry Potter that I can’t remember the name of right now, and the Rugrats theme tune.

We’re all about blue sky thinking and manifestation here at Siren, what’s one goal or achievement you’d like to happen in the near future? This could be anything from running 5K to winning a Grammy.

I want a standing ovation in a theatre because I miss that so much. My soul craves it.

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