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Meet the Siren - Lucy Harrower

Updated: May 21, 2021

Hi Lucy!

How are you today?

I'm good thank you !

So as we know you’re one of the founding members of Siren Theatre Company, did you always think you would end up working in theatre and the arts?

When I graduated from high school I came to Glasgow to study Musical Theatre as soon as I could. I have always been a singer (source: home videos of me singing in the bath at two years old) - so I suppose it made sense to achieve a degree studying something that I love.

I don't think I was the best Musical Theatre student though, cheesy grins and jazz hands don't come too naturally to me.

If you weren’t in the performing arts, in an alternative life, what route do you think you would have taken? Is there another job you would have loved to try out?

I would love to be a florist and have my own shop or something equally as wholesome. However, I do struggle to keep my house plants alive so maybe that wouldn't be the best route....maybe an interior designer? Come back to me on that one.

Here at Siren, we think it’s important to celebrate and acknowledge our achievements. What has been your proudest professional moment; something you will never forget?

It sounds cheesy but I do think developing "Text Me When You Get Home" has been my biggest highlight. To have my first professional performing contract in the Tron Theatre, with a piece of work that means so much to me was pretty special actually. Especially since we were in the middle of a global pandemic. Take that 'rona.

Okay, now we’re going to get down to the serious, nitty gritty questions - are you ready?

Oh, I was born ready.

What’s your star sign?

Gemini Sun, Capricorn Rising and Capricorn Moon - basically - I'm a workaholic.

What's your order when you visit a coffee shop?

Oat milk latte, double shot, one sugar, please and thanks.

If you could take a flight to anywhere in the world, right now, where would you go and why?

I'm craving the sunshine at the moment, maybe Barcelona? Or Hawaii? Depends who's paying for the flights.

If you’re having a bad day, what’s the song you would listen to cheer up?

Either "This Must Be the Place" - Talking Heads or "Good as Hell" - Lizzo

If you had to eat one meal for the rest of your life, what would it be?

Ramen 100%

If you were to describe yourself in three words only, what three words would you pick?





If you could master one musical instrument overnight, which one would you like it to be?

The saxophone - I love any song that features a sax. Or the piano, I taught myself when I was younger but I only really know the basics. Watching a jazz pianist do their thing is one of my favourite things to see live - I'm always in total awe.

We’re all about blue sky thinking and manifestation here at Siren, what’s one goal or achievement you’d like to happen in the near future? This could be anything from running 5K to winning a Grammy.

I adore the fact that I can call myself a creative freelancer - working on projects that I love: theatre, music festivals, community outreach. I would love to be able to do this for the rest of my life and not have to worry about where my next pay cheque is coming from. A stable income working in the performing arts - this girl dreams big.

I have a few personal projects in the pipeline, I would love for them to see the light of day soon. All I need is an extra day to be added to the week please.

Let's shoot for the stars and aim for a BAFTA too - why not?

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